FRISSEK Minifestival–  Series of nights with emerging artists 1241696_605900802781346_1541175086_n

Come and relax yourself into a mixed art event where in the breaks after each short performance a dj is playing!
Emerging artists from different artistic fields have been invited in order to introduce their latest ideas to the public. The artists have been invited by the artistic director Katalin Lengyel contemporary dancer and choreographer. The first event took place on 26th November in 2011 that has been constantly followed by upcoming events.  (See the program of the actual Minifestival in English as well!)

What is it actually?
Each performer has 10 minutes to perform his/her newest ideas. These etudes will be followed by 10 minutes breaks when dj is playing and you can eat-drink-chat in the cosy bar of the theatre. There is a short teaser with each artist, check them all out in the program of the upcoming Minifestival!

Katalin Lengyel – Artistic Director
Contact: katibogarka@gmail.com

The interview was made after VII. FRISSEK Minifestival – ELEGY on 22.09.2013

Do it yourself! RESPECT ART Project:
It means that the whole Minifestival including the artists, the organization, the theatre, the marketing and the videos have no funding but enthusiasm and the need of creating together.


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Come and respect if you like!

A conscious state of being

The Respect Art Manifesto 
I make it ’cause
I want to
I want to help
I want it to exist
I know it’s important
it’s sexy
there’s no other way
I respect

Artistic director and Videos: Katalin Lengyel

Graphic design: Judit Szolnoki-Szendrődi 
Thanks to the team of Golem Theatre!

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